Wednesday, April 1, 2009

All about haircare

I'm feeling like I'm finally progressing in my haircare. I'm about a inch away from BSL(bra strap). A little history about me and hair. I've done it all. I think I got this haircare thing totally covered. I've been into haircare since the 80's. Yeah I got the jericurl and everything else. I dyed blond and back to black. I permed, relaxed, natural, weaved it up, braids. You name it I did it. No really I did it myself. Yes I went to stylist especially to get the nice asemetrical cuts, bobs, shaved.... but for the most part I've always liked doing my own hair. I would say 95% of the time I was in control.
Thats why when I found the boards I jumped right in. I was searching cause I goofed up on putting a dye in my hair and I could tell that I overdid it.
This is the fotki I created

The thing is I was a little too excited when I found the boards! I totally abandon my own haircare that had been working for me forever and started listening to different people using products that worked for them. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ended up with a hot mess full of almost no hair. I then started coming back to my sences and doing what worked for me before the boards. Then I started brainstorming and started thinking about everything that I learned along the way. I learned a whole lot and now I'm really thankful for all the ladies who gave me great tips to get myself back on track. My advise to new ladies starting this haircare thing: START OFF SLOW, USE WHAT HAVE BEEN WORKING FOR YOU AND SLOWLY INCORPORATE NEW THINGS. IT WILL WORK FOR YOU.

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